Homeless Fredericton musician looking for a place to play his songs

Mike Kennedy sits on a green crate and pillow, an empty Styrofoam cup in hand, begging for change. The 60-year-old’s hands are gnarled from years living on the street. His white beard hangs just under his jawline and is clean shaven up to his face. Kennedy’s wearing a white hat and explains it helps stave off exhaustion from the sun. He’s already dealing with fatigue from multiple sclerosis (MS).   

Kennedy’s blue eyes beam as he empties over $100 into his pockets. He panhandles most Saturdays at Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market, raising money for studio time. Kennedy’s been working on a folk album since 1984, a project he initially started to coincide with New Brunswick’s bicentennial. 

“If I was on the outside looking at my life with MS and everything and I was looking in, I’d think that guy is nuts,” said Kennedy with a grin stretching across his weathered face. 

Full story here.

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