Mi’kmaq couple start backyard beekeeping business

A Mi’kmaq couple has started a beekeeping business in New Brunswick hoping to help save the declining pollinators.

Tayla Simon, a stay at home mother of two, and Jesse Francis, who works at Pizza Pro, started beekeeping this summer in their backyard in Douglastown on the north bank of Miramichi, N.B. Their beekeeping business doesn’t expect to turn a profit in its first three years of operation but they say Amu’Jij Beekeeping is more about helping the planet.

Amu’jij is Mi’kmaw for little bee.

“What it means to me is that we have a healthy Earth, we have a healthy ecosystem and it’s just plain fun,” said Francis, who is from Esgenoopetitj First Nation. Full story here.

One thought on “Mi’kmaq couple start backyard beekeeping business

  1. Oscar – I enjoyed your article about the couple from NB who started a backyard bee business – a noble and needed crusade. But then when I saw the cost! … well I fell off my chair. I too started beekeeping this past year, 3 courses – $150 total, equipment for 4 hives, including bees $1,400 +/-. They started only 1 hive with $4,000 that was contributed by others. I am at a loss.

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