Potlotek fisher reacts to Minister Jordan’s statement

ST. PETER’S — Along the St. Peter’s Canal, Michael Basque was working on his boat. He was one of the two boats that launched Potlotek’s moderate livelihood at the start of October.

He was shocked to hear Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan’s statement saying conservation remains an issue in the bay. For Basque the statement was part of the broader systemic racism issue.

“They don’t want a native here making a little bit of money — they want to see our community’s poor,” said the 42-year-old.

Docked in the wharf are roughly 10 boats from Eskasoni and Potlotek First Nation Chief Wilbert Marshall said his community is fishing just over 700 traps, while Eskasoni maybe has 400.

“It’s just a shame that someone like the minister can come out and say we have too many traps,” said Basque. Full story here.

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